Statement Boutonnieres

I’ve been thinking about some new ideas to work on for the wedding site. I do that when I’m not doing anything or just completely bored. My husband always reminds me that I have this “analysis paralysis” thing going on with me. He may be right. Some days you see just tinkering with my bead stash or felt. Most days though I seem to be stuck in an idea..Seems like everything’s all up in the air for me. That’s how it feels, haha!

This afternoon, I got pretty bored and crafty!

I noticed that the weddings are always about the bride and the groom is always stuck with the boring tux, barong tagalog for Filipinos or a suit. Then there’s the usual fresh flower boutonniere. Just that!

I thought I’d make something for the groom: Statement Boutonnieres! (I just made that up 🙂 ) Something that would be personalized and fun, not boring.

Only for the grooms with a sense of style and individuality

The one pictured above are for those who are pretty good with the guitar. This is a miniature guitar and I added some felt flowers.

This one is made of puso (hanging rice) that is distinctly Cebuano. I just found this really cute colored puso and added some felt flowers.

These are a couple of the boutonnieres I made today. They are about an inch wide and just barely 2 inches in length. They’re so tiny and so cute!

If you are getting married, I suggest you try your hand at making personalized, statement boutonnieres. After all, you are marrying  a man with style, right?

P.S. Please do visit my facebook page Marryl & Lauren  for personalized wedding cords, boutonnieres, hair accesories and more.


3 thoughts on “Statement Boutonnieres

  1. Whaaa, these are so unique! Now you need to make a pair with siling labuyo for Bikolanos. 🙂
    Hey, I didn’t know that M&L already has a facebook page. I’m off to check it out.


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