The P100 Challenge: Mochi Ice Cream

Note: P100 (Philippine Peso) = $2.35 (US Dollars)

Sundays for us means hearing mass and having time with each other. Bea, our four-year old daughter looks forward to having playtime at The Playroom. My hubby and I get some quality time for ourselves. We love to stroll in the malls, read the paper in a coffee shop, talk about our plans for this year or just about anything.

He wanted to grab a bite or a quick snack and an idea came to my head. Instead of getting the usual sandwich or pasta, I challenged him to find something interesting and yummy that’s under P100. Thus, the P100 Challenge.

I found Mochi Ice Cream. This isn’t the first time I’ve tasted Mochi Ice Cream though but I thought it’d be interesting to share. “Good things come to those who wait”. That’s what it says in the package – to wait for two minutes or until mochi is soft to the touch before biting into it.

Mochi, for those of you who haven’t tried it, is a Japanese confection made from sticky rice (mochi) with an ice cream filling inside. They are rather expensive at P70 a piece or in the US I think I got them at $10-11 a tray.

Here in Cebu, you can get them at Ayala Center  at the 2nd level and look for this little corner with the pink chairs and brown tables (which  happens to be my colors for my online shop that is still in the my head. Slow woman taking forever to think. That’s why I have that tag line “Intentions don’t count” to remind myself that, hahaha!). Sorry, back to the mochi.

The pretty pink chairs and brown tables.

My favorite is the avocado. I love the apple green color.

Good things come to those who wait.

You’ll have to really wait until the mochi is soft to the touch and then you bite into it!

Will you look at that 🙂

I think I did pretty well with that challenge. It was P70 so that’s definitely under P100. It was interesting and yummy of course. Anything that has an ice cream filling definitely sounds good and it looks good, doesn’t it?

If you’re wondering what my husband found, I’ll keep you posted.

If you guys are interested and you want to make going to the malls with your husband (or with your friends) more fun, why don’t you take this challenge? Let me know how it goes and a pingback would be very much appreciated.

‘Til next challenge, Marryl!


3 thoughts on “The P100 Challenge: Mochi Ice Cream

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