Bea’s First Day of Ballet School

I thought I might share with you my daughter’s first day of ballet school. My daughter Bea is four years old and is attending Pre-Ballet 1 at Sacred Heart School- Ateneo de Cebu under the tutelage of Cebu Center for Dance.

There’s no doubt I was really, really excited. I got to watch her and even took a video since parents were allowed watch the kids on their first week. She’s the one with the pink headband. I think she did a pretty good job following her teacher.

Mommy’s proud of you, Bea!


7 thoughts on “Bea’s First Day of Ballet School

  1. Oh my, totally adorable! So cute 🙂 I hope she’ll continue to enjoy her dance classes! I took ballet as a kid and ever since I was a teenager I wished I had never quit (only took it for about a year I think).


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