Play-doh for Grown-Ups

Yesterday  was my first attempt at making 3D figures with fondant and gumpaste. I joined a baking class yesterday afternoon and for almost 5 hours we were demonstrated (more like rushed) to make some 3D figures using fondant and gumpaste. I was late (sorry, slow woman thought the class will start at 1PM 🙂 . Anyways, when I came in, they’ve started with 2 figures already. Considering that it was my first time to ever handle fondant and gumpaste (or how to make one in the first place), I was feeling really awkward. Everybody in the room looked like they were doing this for years. I was just following my seatmate’s work. She was pointing at tools I should use and telling me to make a starfish and a shell. Poor girl! I had no idea what I was doing! After a few minutes, I got the hang of it though. It’s like play-doh for grown-ups. Still, I was struggling.

Before yesterday’s class, I had no inkling whatsoever with fondant and gumpaste except for my wedding cake or admiring them from magazines or on Pinterest.

This has got to be my favorite! A sleeping baby. For a first time, I think this looks cute 🙂

Making Red Bird (angry bird) was the easiest.

This was my attempt at making a Longchamp Le Pliage tote, haha!

Flip flops.

Never thought making those tiny toes could take so much time attaching it to the foot.

I wanted to make a stiletto, arrrgghhh!


Beach theme.

and those guys – clown, elephant and teddy bear didn’t make the cut or made it home, haha! Poor clown didn’t have eyes or smile. The poor elephant and its funny ears. The teddy bear was really a mess.

I have come to appreciate this art of fondant and gumpaste flowers and figures. No wonder they’re quite pricey!

I really had so much fun making these tiny, adorable 3D figures. I think I am almost ready to do flowers!

Do you make fondant flowers? Please share some pictures.


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