Vacation Hangover

No, I did not forget about you nor my blog but it does seem like forever since my last post. I’m sorry I didn’t say anything about being on a break. I was on a short hiatus from blogging and the internet. Here in the Philippines, we have a very long Holy Week break. Five days to be exact. As a catholic, I had to abstain myself from going on the internet. I thought I wasn’t going to survive even without a day of internet but I outdid myself! curtsey!**curtsey!**

Like we always do here during Holy Week, we went to the different church activities like processions from Holy Thursday thru Good Friday. Saturday til Monday, we went on a vacation and a trip to Moalboal. We spent the entire trip doing just nothing but eating good unhealthy food and just lazing out on the beach with my cousins and relatives.

Yes, white sand beaches in Moalboal.

We just got back from the trip to Moalboal and I think I’m having a bit of a vacation hangover. I got some deadlines and a lot of pictures to share to family and to you guys yet I’m feeling pretty sluggish. It’s like my head is still there on the Moalboal white sand beaches, somewhere! It must be all the grilled Pork and junk food we ate there. You know when you’re on vacation and your diet and getting healthy seems to be on vacation also?hahaha!  That may be the culprit!

I have to pull myself together and get back on track. Today is Bea’s first day in Ballet class. The mommy is pretty excited! haha! That should be enough reason for me to get back on my feet and stop feeling like in slow motion. Tee Hee!

For those of you who celebrate Holy Week and Easter, how was it?


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