Marryl Gets Organized: Handbags

My post on Ten things I need to do this 2012 has been my go-to list lately for things I want to accomplish this year. I realized that there was one or two things I wanted to change which wasn’t really a priority and so I am in the process of editing it. I hope you guys won’t mind 🙂 If you guys have not sat down and made your To-do list or Goals for 2012, go ahead and read my post and make yours NOW! It’s not too late.

I realized that one of my priorities this year is to get organized especially that we’ve moved to our new house. It’s been almost five months since we’ve moved here and because of work and just too many excuses, I haven’t really organized a lot of stuff.

Since there’s a ton of work to be done to get things organized in this little house, I figured I might as well start a new category Marryl Gets Organized! 

This will be the first of a series. I want to start with my handbags.

I don’t keep a lot but I tend to use the same purses over and over since I keep the others in a box (not a good idea) or somewhere else that I forget to use them or they get very worn out or out of shape. I’ve tried many organizing tips like using a bag holder that I bought online. It didn’t do the trick. My leather purses that I placed in boxes tend to lose their shape and softness.

I saw this idea on using shower curtain rings at and thought I might try it. I didn’t use curtain rings though. Instead, I bought key rings or clamp rings. You can easily buy these in any craft store. If you’re from Cebu, just go to Visayan Educational Supply and tell the lady at the counter that you’re going to buy key rings, the one teachers  use. Yes, tell her that 🙂 I should know, I’m a teacher, haha! I bought the second to the largest size. It’s P9.00 each. I bought five pieces just to check if it’ll fit the rods in my cabinet. It was the perfect size.

First things first, make sure to empty the contents of your bag that way it won’t weigh down too much or damage the handle. It would be good to stuff your purses with tissue or plastic to keep the shape and keep the condition of your bags.

Preferably use one ring for each bag. Since I only had 5 rings, I just placed  2-3 bags per ring. If I had shelves, it would’ve been nice to organize my bags there. Charisma, my friend (who turns out to be my cousin) from way back during my days with Sun.Star Publishing who is now based in California suggested to have it arranged according to color. Thanks for that tip, Cha! (she shares my bit of OCD when it comes to organizing). I should do that when I get the chance to buy more rings.

For now my handbags look more organized and I can see them which is good. I think I might need to use S hooks so I won’t have to twist the rings.

How do you store / organize your handbags?


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