Update on “What singing in the shower did to me”

Yesterday was a day we were all looking forward to. There was this thing my daughter has been doing and we were all pretty excited for her. Yesterday was like the culmination (for lack of a better word) and we were just so proud of her. I’ll do a post on that, I promise.

I started working on that project I was inspired to do after my ‘concert in the shower’. To those who were following, I was sharing about how great it makes me feel to be singing in the shower. I was feeling pretty good that I came up with an inspiration for another felt hair clip holder/organizer. So far, this is how it looks like.

While doing crafts, I usually make changes along the way. While I was doing the tree, I thought I’d like to make it playful (this is in fact inspired by whimsy designs and really, there’s no rule to it). In as far as colors, you can really play with it. I think it came out pretty.

I’ll put some stuffing tomorrow and I’ll keep you posted how this thing turns out. Til next update 🙂


4 thoughts on “Update on “What singing in the shower did to me”

    • Doing crafts is therapy for me. When I was in Baltimore, I just don’t have the luxury of time to do it. I love Cebu because my daughter and husband is here. I’m enjoying motherhood and just spending time with family. I do miss my parents and brothers in Michigan and New Jersey. Thanks for reading my post.


      • Thank you for making my day. I’m doing a happy dance now. I get excited when I have a new reader/follower. It’s nice to know people from all parts of the world who share the same passion about life, celebrating life.


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