What singing in the shower did to me

Do you guys sing in the shower? I do. A lot. So far, no neighbor has complained. They can’t really hear me. Except our neighbor’s dog who barks when I sing! He probably wasn’t fed. That’s more likely, wink! wink! The only one who complains really is my four-year-old daughter. She tells me “mommy, stop”. But I think she enjoys watching me as much as I do sounding good in the shower.

My favorite song in the bathroom lately is Adele’s Someone Like You. Quite a big song, I know.  But I think I nailed it this morning. hee! hee!

I discovered that you will always sound good in the showers. You don’t have to worry about hitting the notes because you still sound good. Or probably I’m the only one who thinks that way. Like I said, it really doesn’t matter.

What does matter is what it does to me. After a concert in the shower I feel pretty good actually. Seriously!

After singing Someone Like You,  I was feeling really good and started doodling and came up with a felt hair clip holder design.

Forgive me if it’s too crude but this got me really excited. I know exactly what I have in mind. I love whimsy trees and birds these days, everything whimsy designs I love, love, love!

I took out my FELT stash and thought I’d like to do monochromatic green for this one. I love all shades green..and blue..and pink…Ok, I’ll have green for this project and see how it goes. I want to mix both soft and hard felt for this one.

I can’t wait for tomorrow so I can start with this project. Meantime, I gotta go to work in a few minutes. Crafty mommy mode OFF for now, teacher-mode ON, haha! Don’t I have the coolest jobs or what?

NOTE: If you guys are always on a rush all the time, you’ve probably forgotten how it feels to sing in the shower. Slow down a bit and smell the fresh morning breeze. Sing in the shower. Trust me, it does something to you.The best things in life are free! It really is!

Note to Self: See you tomorrow my lovely FELTS 🙂


3 thoughts on “What singing in the shower did to me

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