Herb Garden Update

I wrote a post last October about my little herb garden in pots. After 4 months, I’m proud to say that these are how my sweet basils look like.

I started with one small pot of sweet basil and now I have a lush, green sweet basil garden right in my little backyard. I haven’t bought sweet basil for four months now. Yes! When I cook pasta dishes, I just snip from my little herb garden. I discovered that the taste and aroma of freshly cut basil is different from the dried ones. The best part is not spending at all to buy fresh herbs which can get pricey. And they just really go to waste since you’ll just be needing a few so you just toss the rest into the garbage. What a waste!

I don’t have to worry about snipping them too much since trimming the top leaves actually promotes growth of the sweet basil. The more I cut the leaves the more it grows that’s why my basil is really growing.

My four-year old and I decided that we should give our plants a name. I had thought about putting labels to the herbs but I just keep forgetting. I had store-bought plant labels.

There’s my little one who volunteered to put the labels. It was early in the morning, a beautiful day to be outside and just enjoying it with my daughter and my little herb (turned vegetable garden?) 🙂

I’ve grown a few vegetables and herbs like tomatoes, scallions/spring onions, alugbati, red bell pepper, chilis, chives and ginger. I want dill, thyme, rosemary and a few more herbs. I will have to find time and go to Sunday Farmer’s Market at BTC soon.

I noticed though that I have ants in my little garden and they eat the leaves of some of the herbs or vegetables. How do I get rid of them? I will try the cinnamon and sugar mixture and see what happens.

Most of the herbs and vegetables have thrived though. I’m a novice in this herb gardening thing so I will have to keep reading more about how to take care of them. Meantime, I am just proud to finally have my very own herb garden.

If you guys don’t have one yet, I think you should give it a try. You can start with pots like what I did.

Happy herb-gardening!


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