Did you pack a suitcase?

When hubby and I were still dating, I remember that he was always very gentleman enough to ask me if he could carry my purse for me. I don’t know about you guys in other parts of the world, but that’s how men are in the Philippines when they’re still trying to pursue a lady – he carries things for her. Why, he’d carry her if he had to,haha!

Tristan always did that for years until one Sunday afternoon, a couple of months after I gave birth to our daughter, he was a changed man.

He didn’t ask for my purse anymore and so I asked if he wanted to carry it for me. He took the bag and for the first time he said, “Why do you always carry a bag? Did you pack a suitcase?” Hmph!

That statement sort of became our all-time favorite joke as husband and wife. It just cracks me up. “Did I pack a suitcase?”

It really got me thinking though, what he said about my purse feeling too heavy like a suitcase. I figured I might do a post on this. No, this isn’t anything like What’s in your purse? Game where everyone else is showing-off their fancy handbags. Sure, go ahead and do that. But I want to know if there are also women like me who just stuff their bags and carry heavy purses that seem like they’re going on a safari or something.

I think my husband is right. I carry a purse that feels like a suitcase. It really is heavy and is causing my shoulder and back pains.

What’s in my purse you ask? I took one of my bags and snapped a picture. I was surprised at how much I pulled out. These are exactly what’s in my purse (minus all the receipts, lottery tickets 🙂 and other trash).

Why I carry all these is beyond me.

I have to carry my little black book and pens. But I think that’s way too much. I mentioned in my earlier post (or I have not posted it yet) that I have a love affair with pens. But I must admit that I’ve been carrying that many pens. Who needs all those calligraphy pens?

I didn’t notice until I pulled them out that I carried not just one but two flag highlighters. What for? I don’t know. And yes, I still carry a mobile phone that is older than my daughter (Tee Hee!).

Being in a tropical country, you gotta have towellettes or Evian. That little red thing is my Sto. Niño which I carry all the time to remind me of my faith and my being proud to be from Cebu. That little black rosary is something I got from St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York to remind me of the place I fell in love with – New York!

That yellow thing is called Tiger Crane which is like a chinese inhaler. I put it on my forehead when I don’t feel good. Trust me, you gotta have one in your purse. You can find it all over Cebu.

I also carry medicines, just in case. My camera is always in my purse too because I take snapshots everywhere.

That white thing on the tin can are stickers of my (future online bridal shop/my own craft store and craft classes, Marryl & Lauren) to remind me that I have a dream…

I know! I don’t need to carry all that load. My challenge to you ladies is to do the same thing and see what’s inside your bag. Be very honest.

When I pulled out all those stuff, I freaked out a bit. I mean who would bring that much pens?calligraphy pens? and those flag highlighters? two flags? What was I thinking?

I seriously need to stop doing this and regularly check what I have in my purse or else it will take a toll on my shoulders and back.

I will have to reevaluate and I hope those don’t get tossed again in my bag. If they do, so help me God!


2 thoughts on “Did you pack a suitcase?

  1. Ahahaha! It’s funny what we ladies sometimes have in our bags. (Pens and sticky flags!) I’m a little OCD with my stuff and try to streamline the contents of my bag regularly but I still end up with a lot of, ahem, ‘basics’, such as an entire ‘banig’ of Biogesic and a nailcutter. 😀


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