Felt Cupcake Hair Clip Tutorial

I have a love affair with FELT. Felt hair clips, felt food, felt toys – everything made of felt. I used to make baby hair clips for my daughter when she was months old. However, It’s been almost five years since I’ve created something.Wow, that long!

Yesterday, I finally took out my stash of felt and thought I’d make my daughter that cupcake hair clip I used to make. It’s so easy.

You will need:

  • Felt Fabric
  • Needle and thread
  • snap clip

Cut out some felt according to your desired size. The cupcake is about 3/4 inch.

Using a running stitch, put together the cupcake. Stitch the bottom part later to attach to the top cover of the snap clip.

Cut two pieces of felt to cover the snap clip. I add a few centimeters of felt for allowance so I could make running stitches all around to hold the two matching felt together.

For the bottom felt, mark as shown below.

Make a tiny slit in between the marks. Open the clip and slip through the slit.

To put the two matching felts together, use running stitch all around. A blanket stitch would also give it a nice look. I’m using running stitch to the cupcake and the snap clip cover.

There’s the cute cupcake hair clip on my daughter 🙂


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