Love Is In The Details

Finally, for what seemed like forever,  the royal blue wedding cord is finished. I don’t know why it took me that long to finish it. It usually just takes me a couple of hours to make one. I’m just glad it’s done because the wedding’s gonna be this Saturday 🙂

Incidentally, I’ll be one of the MC’s (master of ceremonies) for the reception of this wedding. Yikes!

Going over the script and making this wedding cord, I can’t help but reminisce about my wedding five years ago. It’s still one of the best days of my life. So cliché but so true.  I’m a sucker for details, DIY and everything pretty. For six months, I, together with my girlfriends, family and relatives, took on this dream wedding project.

I did many DIY projects and made so many checklists, the most checklists I’ve ever made in my entire life 🙂 Florist checklist – every flower that went to my bouquet, the bridesmaids, the reception, the buttonierres, the aisle, etc. I made a Photography checklist as well! There are just  some moments during the wedding that slip by.  I just wanted it  captured. Things for the wedding reception, checklist for the church ceremony, seating arrangements, etc. Yes, I am OC in a good way.

The entire six months of preparation and DIY was  never stressful for me. In fact, it was something I truly enjoyed especially with the help of people very dear to me. Thank you, Guizo Giirls! My childhood friends were my bridesmaids and maid of honor. How cool is that? Until today, we are still the best of friends.

I wanted the long table to have votive candles, a flower arrangement of calla lilies and hydrangeas. And I had them all which made me the happiest on my wedding day. Here in Cebu, wedding flowers can get rally expensive so you and your fiance need to choose your priorities. Hubby and I agreed on two things that we can’t scrimp: Photography and Flower Arrangement.

Above is our wedding rings on my bouquet.

I love this shot of my bouquet on my gown. I was very specific about the flowers on my bouquet:light pink tulips, large red roses, blueviolet hydrangeas and some greens to represent my wedding colors. This is hand-tied so it had light pink and fuschia ribbons to accent the handle with some crystals.

The aisle is just really beautiful with the calla lilies and some sort of mason jar with a jewel-toned water in it to match with my wedding colors. Check my other blog for this DIY project.

This was a craft box that I fell in love with and just had to have it for my wedding. I placed the three-layer handmade wedding cord. A gift from my cousin which started my inspiration for the personalized wedding cords that I make today for other brides.

The flowers were just gorgeous in pink, mauve/pink and blue violet – my three wedding colors. When I chose my wedding colors I immediately thought of flowers and how those three colors really complimented.

The monogram cake from Chedz that has laces all over and flowers in front. She personally sat down with me and asked about my theme, colors and even some swatches to get inspiration from. I brought her a wax seal sample from the invites and some fabrics. She came up with a design and this was what she came up with. Not just a pretty cake but something you really savor eating. Thanks Chedz Cakes!

Ok, I’m not that vain but the photographer took a close-up shot of my embellished flip-flops 🙂 another DIY I did.

Another vain photo! You have to give credit to my photographer though for taking really beautiful pictures.

That’s the ring pillow that I made. Yey! I think I did a good job on that too, right?

You have to have a confetti photo on your wedding day!

01-659That’s my Tristan and me just a few minutes before the priest announced that we were Husband and Wife. Can you tell we were so happy on our wedding day? Not in the picture but playing in the playground was our song  “The Only One” (by Lionel Richie and Blue Mountain) played by a string quartet.  Yes, we had 2 violinists, a cello and a viola (was it) in the church 🙂 I told you it was the best!


That’s me wearing my Wendell Quisido gown.

I say the best weddings are not the most expensive but that which you’ve put your time and heart into making it extra special.

To all the brides-to-be out there, ask your friends and family to help you out with the preparations. If you’re the DIY bride, hold a DIY party. Then on your wedding day, just let your planner stress about everything and just enjoy  every minute of it.

Love is in the details..but don’t get too caught up with it. After all, love is all that matters.

P.S. If you are interested about our personalized wedding cords, please visit our facebook fanpage.


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