I Think My Crafty-Creative Self Took A Bit Of A Vacation

I started this blog to find a venue for my crafting, my joys of teaching in preschool and maybe a few of my kitchen mishaps here and there. However, this blog is starting to look like a foodie blog. I was browsing through my posts and realized that most of it are on my cooking and posts on my crafts are missing! There’s the christmas bow…and just that I suppose.

I’ve been doing some projects at home and in school but I really miss beading, the fabric flowers I used to make, felting…whatever happened to that?

I’m sorry but I’ve been slacking on my posts on crafts. I actually haven’t been doing anything crafty lately. I think my craftycreative’ self took a bit of a vacation.

A couple of days ago I finally got myself to hold my jewelry tools, some beads and some eyepins. I had to make this royal blue and silver-themed wedding cord which was due in a week. Argh!

The first couple of minutes into the looping, suddenly I felt like one of my students in Pre-K having difficulty just learning how to write using the pencil. The round nose pliers didn’t feel right on my hand. I was making sloppy loops. 😦 I think I was having a hard time figuring out which crystal bead goes where. I was waiting for inspiration and it never came!

A few minutes into doing some more loops, I finally found my rhythm. I hope it stays there and not take some more vacations because the wedding cord is due in a week. Yikes!

I’ll keep you posted on the wedding cord when it’s done.


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