Sinulog Dancers Parade in the Malls

For those of you who are not familiar with the Sinulog Festival, it is an annual festival in Cebu City which happens every third Sunday of January. It is the grandest and most colorful festival in the Philippines. The grand parade happens today. Weeks of preparation and celebration are happening all over the city of Cebu. As a Cebuano, this is one thing I am truly proud of my heritage.

Sinulog fever is everywhere in the city. When we went to the mall today, this is what greeted the shoppers. Sinulog dancers parading in the malls! Yes in the malls! When I was in The US and would go to Macy’s or Neimann Marcus, all you do there is just shop – peacefully. Here in the Philippines, particularly in Cebu. that is not always the case.

I was with my four-year-old daughter shopping for some shoes at the Metro Ayala when suddenly out of nowhere, these dancers and some guys with really loud drums came performing right there where everyone else shopped for shoes. It was just hilarious when I saw some foreigners who appeared to be seriously looking on some  shoes and suddenly these dancers performed right there.

I took out my point-and-shoot camera (my apologies for the quality, I don’t carry the heavy-as-a-sack-of-rice DSLR) and took a video of these dancers. You can feel the anticipation for the Sinulog Mardi Gras today.

Here’s a sneak peak of this year’s Sinulog Festival. As we all say here in Cebu: “Viva! Pit Senyor!.


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