Ten Things I Need to Do This 2012

Warning: This post I’m afraid is going to bore you. It’s really meant for my self.

I stopped making New Years Resolutions for many years now. They just don’t work for me. By the first week of February, they don’t exist anymore. haha! I just end up feeling bad about myself.

In 2004, I started making my bucket list and with that was my goal for every year. Since then, I had noticed a different kind of commitment and enthusiasm about life. It felt so good knowing that I’m in fact in charge of my life. Goals or my To Do List I think is better than writing Resolutions where I make empty promises to myself. These Goals or simply To Do List is something I have to finish or do like a simple grocery list.

It’s true what they say about the power of writing your goals in paper. When we write our goals, we write our own future.

Last week I wrote a post on Five Reasons Why I Carry A Little Black Book In My Purse. This week, it’s time to go public on my goals for 2012.

So here goes my 2012 Goals hoping you guys will be part of it and will give me enough love and encouragement to see it through this year:

1. I will learn how to become an entrepreneur or find an opportunity to find a business. I have put this off for some time now. Now, more than ever, I finally have the wisdom and understood what we ought to have learned in school (which they never did teach in school) – that we shouldn’t be stuck in this rat race, haha! Seriously, this year I want to meet people who have their own business (happy entrepreneurs, not enslaved by money) who are pursuing their passion. I hope I meet  or even just talk to them. It would be nice to pick their brains.

2. I (together with my husband) will Read Aloud and Think Aloud to my four-year old daughter at least one story/book a week. Bedtime stories are not included (she has a tendency to ask for books/stories she has heard and read over and over :)) My belief is that if we nurture our kids and share the joy of reading, they will naturally acquire this habit and eventually help in their success in reading.

3. I will jog, run twice a week within the neighborhood. I will start being committed to my health and wellness this year by starting to be active. I won’t start making promises about dieting or what not (I just can’t give up my lechon, rice and pasta! Not just yet. So instead of telling me to stop eating those, I will just commit to start being active by running/jogging 2x a week. fair enough 🙂

4. I will add color into my life. Whether on my cheeks, on my bed or my wardrobe, I want to invite energy and be playful. Life shouldn’t be and shouldn’t feel like black and white 🙂

5. I will continue to invest quarterly that will yield me 18% annually. Yes, I’m proud to say I have finally started paying myself first by saving and investing (I have a long way to go and so my dear friends, please encourage me to keep at it). What will happen to my retail therapy now and then? Oh well, I’ll cross the bridge when I get there, haha!

6. I (and hubby of course) will finish our Craft Room.  That’s one of the things we definitely need to finish this year. We’ve started putting our stuff in the small craft room but it’s not even half-way done.

7. I will go back to making crafts again. I have put off my crafts because of work. Doing crafts and cooking keeps me focused and happy.

8. I will start printing our gazillion digital photos. Who doesn’t? But I have to remind myself to start printing them this year.

9. I will continue to have our weekly dates with my ex-boyfriend (my husband is my ex-boyfriend! Tee Hee!)

10. I will wake up each morning praying “May I bring joy to others today”. I figured that if I am consciously saying it to myself every morning, on my way to work, in the car -That I will consciously make an effort to find a way to bring joy to someone one day at a time. They say that we can’t change the world but we definitely can bring joy to one person, one day at a time. I can choose to do that or I can keep complaining about the terrible traffic, or the institutionalized corruption in the Philippines (that’s what my husband calls it), or the never-ending increase in fuel prices, etc. It’s maddening if I choose the latter, haha!

After all, isn’t life about just two things really? (I’m borrowing the same concept in the movie The Bucket List):

  1. Have you found joy in your life? your family or loved ones, your passion and the things you stand up for.
  2. Have you brought joy to others?

So what do you guys think?


6 thoughts on “Ten Things I Need to Do This 2012

  1. “I will wake up each morning praying “May I bring joy to others today.” Now that tops the bucket list of all although each of those list I wish to do myself. You inspired me today to make one of my own. I only have a few this year. One of which is, “a change man with a change heart and mind.” Have a great day…


    • This makes my day. How wonderful the world will be if we do our share of bringing joy to others. You definitely have to make your ‘goals for 2012’. I’ll look forward to your post then. God bless you and your family!


  2. Hi Marryl,
    Interesting that you have created a bucket list or to do list. I think most people are like you and me, making resolutions became a weapon to beat ourselves up….seems we all have that small voice in our head, either talking negatives or prompting us to move forward to our future. Quite the contrary that your post was boring, it gave me lots of food for thought.
    Love your morning thought, “Bring joy to others”, that would be sooo sweet.


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