Post A Week Challenge: Winter

We don’t have winter here in the Philippines but I’ve experienced it back in 2009-2010 when I went to the States. Winter brings back so many good memories for me. One that is up there on my list that will last me a lifetime.

That picture above was when my friends and I went snow tubing at Liberty Mountain, Pennsylvania.

My first experience of snow tops it all. It wasn’t just snowflakes or a few inches of snow where you could all go out and make snow angels. No! This was a blizzard in Baltimore back in 2009 and a category 2 at that! We asked for snow? We got 30 inches of snow alright! Everyone else stayed indoors except us. It was our first time to see snow (haha!) so why stay inside to keep warm? We braved the blizzard and ran outside. That photo above was me just a few seconds outside and trying to get right back in, brrrr! really cold! hahaha!

Winter never fails to bring back really good memories of being with family and friends…

a trip to Chicago with my family.

Watching Black Eyed Peas Concert in Washington…

and going to New York Time Square for the first time with my brothers.

ahhhh, memories that surely will last me a lifetime. Thank you, Winter!


9 thoughts on “Post A Week Challenge: Winter

    • Yes, it was so much fun and a lot of “firsts” for me. Thanks for reading and I wish you more abundance, love, peace and joy this 2012.


    • Thanks for reading my post. That photo of me braving the bizzard is just hilarious. I thought I could handle the cold, haha!


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