Five Reasons Why I Carry A Little Black Book In My Purse

I’ve finally chosen My Little Black Book for 2012. Yes, before the year ends I always go through some sort of a hunt, of choosing through hundreds and hundreds of case-bound little notebooks in the bookstore until I find the notebook.

I did that yesterday. I went to a bookstore and spent a good 30 minutes just looking for the right notebook. I was  feeling them, opening some notebooks that were still wrapped in plastic just to smell the pages! Yay! My husband gave me the ‘there-you-go-again-doing-your-thing kind of look’. But he gave me a smile when I said I found it. He’s happy for me! Or, was he just glad we were finally going to the counter to pay?

I know! It’s weird, right! Call me old-fashioned but this works for me for many years now. I carry a little black book in my purse.  I find myself constantly jotting down or doodling something: in the restaurant, while doing the groceries, even while inside the car.

Five reasons why I go through this trouble (Honestly, it’s really therapy for me) of choosing the right notebook and carrying it in my purse:

1. I write my goals or  bucket list in My Little Black Book. They say that when you write your thoughts, you turn them into something tangible. I can actually see them, and touch them and even smell my notebook. I write my Bucket List there. That’s the reason I carry it with me at all times. To constantly remind me of my goals and what’s on my mind. Thus, my goals are no longer my thoughts anymore (which leads me to the second reason).

2. I constantly read my bucket list or goals to keep me on track. Writing down my goal is like making my own map whether it be for my annual goals or just for the day’s errands. Or when I find myself in idle time like riding a cab or something very uninteresting, I grab my little black book and read my bucket list or my thoughts.

3. It motivates me to take action.  There’s something about seeing my handwriting that prompts me to ACT. I know it’s mine because I wrote it down. The words I read in my smartphone reminding me of going somewhere or finish something just seems very impersonal. I just delete the message right away. haha! It does not work for me AT ALL! Plus, writing it down is faster than typing on my phone!

4. It keeps me from forgetting. I make a list for just about anything. The husband says I’ve gone mad: grocery, bills, budget, craft projects, blog posts I wanted to write…A lot of the time I don’t really end up doing much of it but it feels really good to make them. I don’t need to agonize myself trying to remember an idea for a post or a project I wanted to do.

5. It relaxes my mind. It takes so much load off my head trying to remember something. Crossing things off the list is not really as important as a way for me to gather my thoughts and can give me a sense of order in the midst of chaos or what my husband always says, I’m in analysis paralysis most days, pfft!

Do you carry a little black book in your purse?


10 thoughts on “Five Reasons Why I Carry A Little Black Book In My Purse

  1. I totally keep a book too! And the hunt for the perfect one, although not a yearly event, is one I treasure. It has to “call” to me or it just won’t do. 🙂 I keep tons of stuff in there, mostly my bucket list plans and goals, inspiration for blog posts and other random things. I totally agree – getting it out on paper makes it tangible and out of my head.


    • I am so glad somebody out there does the same thing. For a second there I thought the readers will think I’m some kind of looney 🙂 I love what you said about “it has to call you”. You said it perfectly! Thanks for reading!


  2. hey! thank you… at least there’s three of us.. i thought i’m weird for carrying that black book in my bag all the time.. to keep notes and little things that suddenly comes into mind..and most of all my bucket list.. to remind me always my journey…


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