Weekly Photo Challenge: Celebration

That’s my brother Gierad on the eve of his birthday last year. I went to Michigan for his birthday and for the housewarming. We gave him a “Manyanita” (Manyanita is a surprise  serenade for somebody celebrating his birthday at the break of dawn).

He was just watching TV on the eve of his birthday so it was just perfect for the manyanita. We all gathered in the laundry room preparing the cake, balloons, party poppers, banners and of course our Lightning McQueen glasses (this made Mama giggle so much we had to tell her to control herself or Gierad would notice us) 🙂

We all went to the  family room singing “happy birthday” with the cake and our glasses at 12 midnight! (notice the time and date on the picture). hahaha! We all had a great time.

That is what family celebration is about!


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