Home Project: His and Hers Craft Room

One of the things I was excited about moving into the house is that hubby and I decided we were going to turn one of the rooms into a craft room. It’s been over 2 months since we’ve moved but this is how the craft room looks: very uninspiring to say the least!

You can’t really distinguish if those are my stuff or my hubby’s. There’s his air brush, acrylic paints..There’s  my beading tools, beads, findings… it’s a mess!

On the cabinets are more of his stuff.

My husband is into scale modelling and so he’s got so many stuff  like a compressor, tools, paints, etc.

I got so many stuff as well: beads, fabrics, ribbons, glass pearls, beading tools, pins, …

Oh , it’s like my own little Michael’s (tee hee!)

I make and sell accessories like these. If I’m feeling cheerful, I make one for people I like (haha!).

 I used to have an online store selling personalized wedding words which explains why I have tons of beads. I had to close shop for a while since I left for the US. Now that I’m back and with the new house, I am slowly reviving the crafter in me. I wish to find the time and inspiration to revive my online shop (I’ve neglected it for the longest time. As soon as I can get my hubby to help me change the logo and designs, it’ll be up and running again next year. I hope)

I want this little tiny room to be our craft room. But how can you transform this little room into ‘our‘ craft room? Any tips from you guys would be very much appreciated.

Will keep you posted on Our Craft Room…





2 thoughts on “Home Project: His and Hers Craft Room

    • Thanks! But up until now this craft room still looks like that. We haven’t figured out where to put the shelves. We need to do something about it pretty soon coz my craft supplies like felt, beads are piling up again.


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