Bea’s Ticket Invitation

My daughter is turning 4 this weekend! Weeeeee! It seemed like only yesterday when she was crawling and just learning to talk. Now, I’ve got a cute little Bea Lauren who doesn’t  seem to run out of questions. And you have got to give her an answer to everything because her “But, why?” is never-ending (She’s sitting next to me now as I’m writing this blog. She goes: “Why is my invitation there, Mommy? What are you doing, mommy?” and I try as much as I can to explain to a three-year old what a blog is. And she goes: “Ok, mommy. Type! Type now!”).

The past 3 birthdays she had, 2 were at Jollibee (I don’t know why kids enjoy birthdays with  huge mascots gyrating and all) and a big party last year with friends and family. This year she requested to have it in in school, just like most of her school mates. I guess she’s enjoying school so much she’d like to be with classmates around.

I asked the Mister (last minute, as always. wink! wink!) to make me another one of those ticket invitations. If I could only get myself to learn Photoshop. When my hubby opens that Photoshop window, everything just freezes right in front of me. I really don’t get it. Nada! Zilch! It’s like my love-hate ralationship with Algebra. When i see them equations, the world just all becomes a blur….Until that day comes when I see the light (hahaha!) I’ll have to rely on the Mr. for Photoshop.

Back to the invitation–I liked the idea of the ticket invitation since we both love going to concerts. It’s like getting a special VIP pass. I had it printed using C2S paper in a local printing shop. I think it came out well and cheap as always. I can’t recall when was the last time I paid somebody to design an invitation or make one for me.  I’m a sucker for DIY and cheap finds. More importantly, my being a control-freak can’t stand the thought of having someone else’s ideas stand in the way with mine. hee! hee!

What do you guys think about the invitation?

P.S. Thank you My Dear Tristan!


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