Bea’s Playroom

It’s been two months now since we’ve moved to our new home. Some stuff are still in boxes (I know!) but the house is slowly starting to look like a home (clap! clap!)

I’ve unpacked some of Bea’s toys like her doll house and kitchen play set. My daughter’s room is starting to look like a playroom.

I bought some wall decals from SM City Cebu (There’s not much display of room decors when I went there but I found these at the baby’s section). I thought the flower/garden decals was a good choice since it’ll be years before she’ll outgrow them as compared to Dora (whom she adored for the longest time. Suddenly she outgrew Dora and now likes Disney Princess. hmmmm…)

I also found some inexpensive yet colorful rubber mats. It’s a puzzle mat of animals. I think I need 2 more sets of these to cover the entire floor. I still can’t figure out though where to place the other toys and her books. oh her books!

I’m gonna need a day, a week even to finish her room. What with work and all (sigh). But I enjoyed decorating her room.It’s slowly coming together 🙂

As with the other rooms in the house…I’m gonna need some more time please, hee hee!


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