Christmas Table Centerpiece

I just got home from work and watered my herbs and they’re looking good 🙂 I’m pretty excited to try some of my sweet basil. Hopefully by next week I can try it with my pasta dish.

The stepping-stones and the white .25″ stone rubbles that I ordered have arrived this afternoon. Finally, I can start another home project tomorrow. I’ll be doing a DIY stepping stone for the porch. I told the husband 🙂 about it and he said we might be able to do it without any professional help. We’ll see. I’ll keep you posted.

I’ve been on a Christmas decorating spree at home these past couple of days. I’ve been meaning to make a christmas centerpiece for our console table and so I bought some christmas ornaments at Metro Ayala which were on sale for like P19. They usually cost about over P100 as christmas ornaments can get really pricey. So I got those on a really good deal. I had no idea what I’ll do with them really but I thought I can make something out of it when the inspiration comes.

Well, guess what? The inspiration never came, hah! This afternoon I just had to make something out of it, inspiration or no inspiration!

I didn’t have any containers so I got an old square plate that I used last year to put some candles and decorative pebbles. I attached a rectangular floral foam using glue gun.

I started with the big ornaments and stick them on each side.

the rest were just very uninspiring to say the least.

I just placed them randomly…

I worked with whatever I had and it turned out ok, I think. It’ll do for now.

Here’s my christmas centerpiece.

What about you guys. What Christmas projects have you done? Maybe you can give me some inspiration or two.


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