Herb Gardening, anyone?

How’s everyone? I’m still here. Let’s just say I was on a long sabbatical, hee hee.

We had moved in to our new home about  a month ago yet it still feels like we’ve moved just yesterday. Yes, that’s how I feel these days. We’ve unpacked most of our stuff but there are still a few boxes left to be unpacked. It’s never-ending. Now I know how it feels to be moving. It’s stressful. Thus the reason for not being able to blog, cook or even do some crafting therapy for my tired self  😦

I was pretty busy unpacking for the most part. However, I was still able to do some small home projects. One of which was herb gardening.

Back in the old apartment in Talamban, we used to buy basil every week from the grocery. At times, the groceries sold the italian basil or the sangeg. I dreaded the smell of that basil, it was too pungent for me. I use sweet basil for my pasta dishes or for the Caprese that I make for my husband. I’ve grown tired of buying a bunch of sweet basil from the grocery and so much go to waste because you just have more than enough. And so I promised myself that I will have my small herb garden when we move to the new house.  I just had to grow my own sweet basil.

I’ve been reading about herb gardening and how you can grow your own herbs in small spaces, even on pots. So I figured the best way is to start small. And yes I started really small – with Pots 🙂

I bought some plastic pots from True Value.  I bought oregano and chives from the Farmer’s market at BTC one Sunday afternoon. I thought I was gonna find some sweet basil there but there wasn’t any of them selling the sweet basil kind. I almost bought an italian basil because one of those who sold insisted it was sweet basil. I know how my sweet basil smells and looks like. Fortunately, I found a small potted sweet basil in Robinson’s supermarket, haha!



I filled the pots with some good potting soil.

I just transferred the entire plant to my pot and tore out the plastic container, making sure the whole plant/roots are intact.

Here’s my lovely sweet basil in its new pot.

Here’s the rest of the herbs in their new home.

I’m no green thumb. The only thing I’ve planted were some ‘monggo seeds’ or mung beans. If these pots survive, I might plant some more herbs like parsley and mint.

Have you got a herb pot or herb garden? What do you have? Any advice for a newbie like me?


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