Moalboal beckons

Moalboal (Mo-al-bo-al) is  in the southwestern tip of Cebu. It’s known for its white sand beaches and diving spots. We had a long weekend and it was perfect to go and see the place so we headed off to Moalboal. It took us about three hours though. On our way to Barili, a bike race slowed the traffic. Also, we had to grab a bite at Jollibee, Carcar. I guess that’s why it took us that long. It should’nt take more than two hours I guess on ordinary days.

Gas up if you can while you’re still in the city. My husband didn’t bother checking if there really was a gas station that sold unleaded gas in the small town of Dumanjug. We ended up using another gasoline that we were’nt used to. Oh, well 🙂

It’s quite a ride going there and when you go down south the roads are winding and a bit bumpy. When you pass that area and get to Dumanjug the roads are better. When you arrive in Moalboal bus stop, you turn right to a narrow road going to Basdaku (where the white sand beaches are). It’s about a 10 minute ride of this narrow road which will lead you to public and private resorts.

The picture above is what greeted us in Moalboal and you just can’t resist that. Too bad I didn’t take lots of pictures of the white sand beaches. I was too excited to take a dip 🙂 Here are some decent ones though…

My daughter admiring the crystal clear waters.

How can you keep taking pictures with that crystal clear water summoning you? hahaha!

That’s a school of fish. That’s how crystal clear the water is.

and my foot right there 🙂

That’s my husband and my daughter enjoying the clear waters.

We stayed at the Ravenala Resort owned by a Dutch and Filipino couple. We had a wonerful time at Ravenala. I’ll do a separate post for this.

These are air-conditioned cottages and breakfast for two is included.

This hut is where the guests are served breakfast and lunch (or dinner if you please). We didn’t have dinner there. We explored the famous diving spot in Moalboal, Panagsama. Who would have thought that our favorite Italian restaurant in the city, La Tegola, had a branch in this small town! We were as happy as a clam! (I’ll do a separate post for that too).

Moalboal promises a relaxing and fun vacation that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. It’s in a small town in Cebu where you are miles away from the city’s traffic and busy life. I am definitely going back there pretty soon, I hope.

Moalboal’s white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, the sandbar and the perpetual sun beckons 🙂


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