Cebu Furnitures

It’s been months of anticipation and the long wait is almost over. Oh well, probably another month or so…It won’t be long now until we move in to our new home. Yes, our place we can call our home. I have to admit I’m really excited.

Lately, I find myself  drawn to furnitures. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a new home and some new furnitures? Sure! But not when it’ll cost you an arm and a leg! Hubby and I have been hunting for bargains and there’s a lot of good furniture in Cebu.

While bargain-hunting and looking at all those beautiful pieces of furniture in the malls and everywhere else, I have come to appreciate Cebu Furnitures and how it has lived up to its name as ‘world-class, elegant pieces of art. I’m particularly interested with those that make use of indigenous materials like abacca, arorog, butay and rattan that Cebu is well-known for.

Here are some that I found very Filipino, yet very world-class.

My pictures don’t do justice to the exquisite details of the furniture especially the use of these indigenous materials. But, by golly, the prices are way too steep!

Though these furnitures come very pricey, I guess you’re paying for the craftsmanship and the unique designs all from Cebuano furniture designers who have put Cebu in the map.

Cebu Furniture and Cebuano or Filipino Cuisine are one of the reasons I am truly proud to be from Cebu, Philippines.

Anyone out there from Cebu? If you’re not, have you been to this wonderful tropical island in Asia? It’s a place where you’ll find perpetual sunny days and warm smiles from Cebuanos like me 🙂


4 thoughts on “Cebu Furnitures

  1. I am proud to be a Cebuana! Gie, all our furnitures in the house are made of rattan. My father used to manage a rattan factory in Mandaue for so long until the time we left Cebu. Kabalo jud ko mu liha so smoothen the surface! Hahaha! Happy furniture hunting. Hope to see pictures of your new house soon 🙂


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