Let’s fly a kite!

This week’s lesson for my Pre-K class was the DIAMOND shape. I figured the best way to end the lesson was to have the kids make their own kites to fly. I’m pretty sure most of them haven’t flown a kite so this would be really exciting for them. I told them yesterday that we’ll be making and flying kites by the end of the week, Friday which was their fun day. In school, we present lessons from Monday thru Thursday. Friday is what we call PE (Physical Education) Day or Fun Day.

The kids were surely looking forward for today’s kite making and flying. As soon as I got inside the classroom, some of the kids who were always early were buzzing about flying their own kites. I thought to myself that this day was gonna be fun…

For the materials:

  • magazine
  • crepe papers in different colors
  • stapler or glue
  • strings
  • scissors
  • puncher
  • camera (to capture those precious moments!)
I’m sorry but I wasn’t able to take pictures of how we made the kites step-by-step but it’s a simple paper kite (diamond-shaped of course to reinforce the math lesson on diamonds) even if it just flies a few inches above their heads in a good breeze or when they run, haha! It’s doesn’t really fly as well as how we made our kites back when I was younger 🙂 But the kids sure did have a lot of fun.
I just took a page from a magazine and cut a diamond shape. The kids glued some colored paper on each corner and the bottom for the kite’s tails. I punched a hole at the top where I tied the strings. That’s it! It’s as simple as that. But the smiles on their faces were priceless.



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