Who remembers curly tops?

Who would’ve thought that this small unassuming box of chocolates would bring back loads of childhood memories.

I went to this newly opened grocery over at Reclamation area and checked out their stuff. I was happy to see that they had a lot of fresh produce. They even sold herbs on a pot! I was so delighted to see coriander and parsley on a pot. Here in Cebu, they don’t sell them like what they had in Whole Foods (I miss Whole Foods!) But there wasn’t any basil (my favorite).

I went to the other sections just checking out what else they had and I came across this.

..and it put a smile on my face.

This unassuming box of curly tops brings back memories of childhood. I just had to grab one. I showed it to my daughter and told her that I used to eat this chocolate when I was little.

She wasn’t really paying much attention to my stories.

This box of chocolates has come full circle for me 🙂


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