I still date my ex-boyfriend!

I go on a weekly date with my husband who was my ex-boyfriend, get it? 🙂

Gotcha! I know this is rather lame, unoriginal but I know I got you there 🙂

It’s been about almost 8 months now since I got back from a year of working in the US and we’ve made a promise to go out on a date at least once a week. We call it our ‘Wednesday night dates’. We realized now that we have Lauren (our three-year old little explorer), especially now that we have her, we need to slip out of our roles as mommy and daddy once a week. Even for just a few hours, we have time for each other, just the two of us, as husband and wife.

It’s quite simple really. It doesn’t always have to be (an expensive) dinner. We go for walks at IT Park, a movie night, a thirty-minute run/walk at Sacred Heart oval, getting a haircut together or (something that I am so looking forward to,he mentioned very recently) going on a facial spa together. Oh, that would be nice!

The trick is we agreed on a specific day of the week.  That way we won’t forget and we can stick to it. Unless something really important comes up (like say somebody announces that the first person to show up at a local camera store on a Wednesday gets a Canon EOS 1D II or a 5D Mark II, yeah, like that’ll ever happen!), then we move it to another day but we have to make up for it. We picked Wednesday nights since it’s like middle of the week and a weekend family time isn’t really “us” time. That doesn’t count.

The whole idea is we get to spend quality time with each other, talk about what we’ve been up to lately. We usually end up talking about how we were, how we are now with Lauren and all. It’s funny, it’s revealing, at times just purely lame but for the most part, it’s just wonderful.

This sticky note was what I posted on my husband’s computer monitor after our Wednesday date night this week. It brought a smile on his face.

That’s me after our run (more like walk) at the IT Park, all sweaty and feeling almost completely spent 🙂

That’s us at the Gin Blossoms concert at The Waterfront Hotel last November 20, 2010.

What about you guys? What do you do for some quality time with your loved one? Any suggestions? We sure could use some more help and inspiration.


2 thoughts on “I still date my ex-boyfriend!

  1. nice one giela! my hubby and i always do our afternoon walks. we couldn’t do it in the mornings now coz i have to prep our little boy for kindergarten. but i still wish my hubby and i can really have that “date,” like just the two of us, no tagging along the little boy…hehehe… visiting you from my other blog… have a nice day!


    • I know how difficult it is to find time especially when we have kids. It’s a matter of managing your time and making time for it. When you are able to do it, you’ll see that you’ll be looking forward to it.


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