F is for Fish

I thought it might be a good idea to share this with fellow preschool teachers and moms out there. I did this with my Pre-K class in Baltimore last year and they loved it!

I told the class that we’ll pretend that we were going to a pet shop and that we will buy some colorful fish for our fish bowl. This made them giggle and excited 🙂

Skills: A lot of skills can be incorporated in this activity. Fine motor development when they paint their fish bowl/aquarium. They can practice color recognition especially when they pick and glue their fish. Rote counting as they try to count how many fish they have in their fish bowl. Letter recognition and sound production as you reinforce letter F in the activity.

I used a paper plate for the fish bowl and gave each student one. I told the class that the bowl needs water so we had to color or paint the water in. I gave each child their little aprons and we had fun painting the bowl. This painting activity may take up a 30-40 minute block depending on the class size. You may have the entire fish bowl activity for 2-3 sessions. Set aside the painted bowls to dry.

For the next session, prepare some cut out fish made of construction paper. Ask children to identify the different colors of the fish you have prepared. Allow each child to pick and name the color of a fish before gluing it to the bowl.  We had fun adding googly eyes to their fish. After all the students have finished their fish bowl, the teacher may call on one student at a time to count how many fish he has on his fish bowl. This is for rote counting or for color recognition as well.

The best part is when I hang their artwork! They just love how everybody admires their work. The smile on their faces makes the hard work all worthwhile.

These are some of my class’ artwork. E for elephant. H is for house…there’s so much they can do!


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